Flat Component Library

The Flat Component Library (FCL) is a feature-rich component library for Embarcadero (formerly CodeGear, Inprise and Borland) RAD development environments (C++ Builder and Delphi).

FCL - Tool-Palette - C++-Builder

The FCL contains basic and enhanced controls (like panels, buttons, views, fields, etc.) which can fully be customized and skinned. Thereby, it is based on native and pure Win32 and not on .NET technology. A quick overview can be found in this feature list.

In general, the author offers the library and also the source code almost for free. The author expects some minor support that helps continuing the project. More details can be found in the member section.

You can freely download a demo version of the library. It is fully featured, but contains some nasty pop-ups.





Components and Controls






Button - Skinned

ComboBox With Cities

Scrolling View - Alice

Form - Example